Transformation Program

Beside normal advisory services, we also assist our clients in an more flexible manner, which is our Transformation Programs.


We partner clients to successfully navigate organization transformation through our unique People and organization Transformation approach; yes, People first, then organization Systems, Structures and Processes to guide and sustain the journey.

We believe that in any transformation (Digital or otherwise), it starts with the Leadership Team. The Senior Leaders must first "get their acts right" as One Team. To illustrate what we mean, consider the following:

Which group of Leadership Team would you trust to drive your organization Transformation agenda? Why?

What about the rest of the staff in the organization? What positive or dysfunctional behaviors do you observe?

What are the promoters and inhibitors to change? Where do we begin?

Human Capital &Culture Transformation

Great Leaders understand the importance of engaging their workforce to ensure that every staff understand the goals of the organization, work together to implement the articulated strategy and achieve the desired results at the individual and team levels.

Some leaders choose to "buy" talent, some choose to "build" talent. In a dynamic and changing business landscape whereby skills and knowledge are critical in enabling the organization to be competitive and be future-ready, Leaders must do both. There are times when Leaders have to make tough decisions to "bounce" talent when they no longer positively contribute or worse, when they inhibit growth of the organization.

Great Leaders and organizations establish the right human capital systems and processes to attract and retain the right talent in the most effective ways, with the help of data science to facilitate decision-making.

How do we attract high potential staff who can succeed in their roles?

How do we create the desired employee experience that sets us apart and attracts our targeted talents?

How do we create a sustainable culture that motivates staff to achieve their highest potential?

How do we identify and groom our talents?


Sygnific helped an chemical company adopted a more effective regional strategy for labor service procurement.

Sygnific leveraged its industry knowledge, functional expertise and IT architecture capabilities to support the company in being more responsive to ongoing business change while enabling a focus on strategic growth initiatives.

Building sourcing channel effectiveness through data transparency. Our client is an asset-intensive organization that required a global labor procurement strategy encompassing transparent and efficient processes enabled by real-time reporting to ensure contract compliance.

Enabling sourcing channel effectiveness required a consolidated and simplified IT landscape and an overall governance across all regions.

Feasible solution

Sygnific provided a combination of industry knowledge, best practices in labor service procurement processes (LSP), and technology architecture expertise to deliver an effective and feasible strategy. To support the delivery, Sygnfic addressed all aspects of the strategy, including process, organization, reporting and governance, and a globally aligned IT landscape. The first stream of work involved in-depth analysis of 18 companies, comprising chemical industry players and cross-industry organizations. The second stream of worked on market research for future trends in operating models, IT solutions, and disruptive technologies.

The Sygnific specifies an operational model for a specific area. The model focuses on controlling labor procurement costs and ensuring long-term delivery of innovative, disruptive technologies and supplier collaboration.

The new operating model enables the company to have a set of transparent labor procurement, more agile to respond to business opportunities.

Service &Culture Transformation

We believe the same when people talk about customer experience. How does one feel coming out of the service interactions with the various touch-points across the organization? Being happy is the end outcome; what positive emotions (e.g. Valued, Cared For, Assured, Indulged) correlate and best drive this outcome?

If you are not able to answer the questions above, your organization probably has yet to define its Desired Customer Experience; without which, the current service levels provided will likely be at best, inconsistent.

Many of our client organizations have defined their Desired Customer Experience and in doing so, they are able to purposefully and consistently evoke the Desired Customer Experience, across all touch-points within the organization. Everyone understands what it means to be successful in delivering service to the customers (emotional outcomes) and what they can do to drive the customer experience consistently, nuanced for the different roles and functions.

At the end of the day people won't remember what you say or do, they will remember how you make them feel.

What's the Desired Customer Experience?

How do you ensure that the desired customer experience is purposefully and consistently evoked?

Do you have a Service Culture that will inspire and enable staff to always do the right things for the Customers?