Market Research & Insights

Technology evolution is relentless yet increasingly incremental – often leading to shorter windows of business opportunity. This, coupled with the rapidly changing face of competition, makes the need to be agile and innovative an imperative, irrespective of the vertical. Hence, businesses need to be abreast of the market and technology trends at all points in time.

Sygnific Info-consulting Company helps enterprises by providing them a detailed analysis of the market overview and trends, identification of demand segments within key verticals and partnership opportunities within the ecosystem. We help technology providers understand and analyze the Engineering R&D market landscape at a vertical and sub-vertical level, which are market trends and technology trends. Additionally, we also help businesses in identifying top technology disruptors and key growth areas that drive future growth.

We offer an in-depth assessment of the peer landscape on best practices, identify areas to be improved upon, and seek fresh ideas to bring about improvements in performance. Our practices include that Study peer R&D topology – Understand key innovation hubs of peers/competitors; Study the portfolio that peer companies own and deliver from their global engineering centers; Rationale of peers for engineering footprint and benefits/challenges faced by the company in the current model;

Reporting and ownership structure; Provide insights on location strategy of peers and how it has evolved (consolidation, diversification) Study key KPIs for each location (this does not include metrics used for measurement) Track relevant New Age skills (AI, Machine Learning, security, AR/VR, IOT, deep learning) across innovation locations, etc.