Innovations & Startup

We empower technology organizations to implement their growth strategy through effective collaboration with high potential start-ups to deliver tangible business impact.

Cutting-edge innovation is key to sustained competitive advantage for technology organizations. There's no better way to tap into this capability than by engaging with hand-picked, highly innovative start-ups. We help engineering organizations realize the benefits of engaging with the disruptors and high potential start-ups in the ecosystem to drive innovation. We help create enduring business impact in engineering innovation through –

a) build, through an internal or external accelerator. We assist organizations through a BOT model,

b) buy, through targeted M&A. We enable scanning, targeting, due diligence and acquisition,

c) partner, through versatile and flexible strategic engagements that are mutually beneficial.

We partner with technology companies to define their organizational innovation strategy, identify and design innovation models, operationalize implementation plans to realize tangible and enduring business results by auctioning them through the start-up lens.

Based on the corporation's objectives and mandate, we study the start-up ecosystem to discover, propose, and connect potential candidates for investment, acquisition or partnership. We also provide a detailed evaluation – on the team, technology and business innovation – along with analyst insights to help evaluate fitment.

We help organizations define their start-up engagement strategy, model, and operational plan to accelerate their business vision and values. Based on the organization’s desired objectives and available resources, we use proprietary frameworks to help decided on the engagement model (build/buy/partner) and the best location to deploy the engagement model.

We support corporations in defining, designing, and operating accelerator programs to enable effective collaboration to achieve tangible outcomes and business impact. We leverage design thinking principles to set up customized programs and manage end-to-end implementations of our recommendations and suggestions.

We enable corporations to implement their growth strategy through effective collaboration with high potential start-ups to deliver tangible business impact. We leverage proprietary frameworks to discover feasible opportunities, execute proof-of-concepts/prototypes, and build validated business cases for further process or product integration.

We empower corporations to define a comprehensive internal innovation strategy, outline an investment plan, and give new ideas the best chance at succeeding, and deliver innovative products to customers as quickly as possible. All the while, ensuring that new approach doesn't conflict with existing human resource processes and talent building strategy. We also provide advisory on the best possible go to market strategy to increase the odds of success.


A travel agency wants to explore new markets

A started-up travel agency wants to open up the southeast Asian market. Due to the limited operation scale, it wants to find its own position and competitive edges.

Go beyond the new competition thinking of relying on price competition, win by innovation, win by quality, win by service and so on.

Feasible solution

Customers are faced with a series of problems such as market research, cultural investigation and legal supervision. Sygnific selected some travel agencies as classic cases to research, and then industry segmentation. Sygnific chooses to occupy an absolute market share in the market segment, finds the blank spots of other well-developed competitors-in the Southeast Asian tourism market, and makes precise positioning based on the business model of customers. Then quickly occupy the market, and become the leading travel agency in this market.